U3A Brimbank AGM 7th May 2024

It is confirmed that the new details of the AGM are 7th May 2024 (Tuesday) between 10am and 12pm at Westvale Community Centre, 45 Kings Rd St Albans Vic 3021, in Room 2 and 3.

As an incorporated institution, we need to comply with certain obligation, i.e. AGM needs to be carried out within five months of the incorporation financial year (31st Dec of each year).  We also have to have a certain number of members to participate, i.e. minimum 25 paid members.  In the AGM, administration positions need to be filled by one unchallenged nominee or voted by member where there are two or more nominees.  The list of the administration positions and details are described below. 

Most of the existing members have been doing administration for many years.  Some have also other issues that they need to address personally, i.e. health or family or school.  These administration members have done an admirable job, and have decided to give opportunities to new members to carry on the torch.  Please take the challenge!!  You will be supported with information, patience and encouragement.

          There are also jobs that need to be done throughout the year as well.  They are not necessarily part of the administration or the AGM, but they are important for U3A Brimbank to run as smoothly as possible.  I have attached a list of the jobs that are done at the moment.  Some of existing people might want an assistant.  It is an opportunity to learn from them.  If there is a vacancy the job might not get done at all or someone from administration takes over for a while and does the best they can.

Please approach us first or we might come knocking for help!!  👍😊

Title Weekly Time Required (hrs) Official person(s) in this role Returning Office bearers
President 10 Silvia Silvia
Vice President 10 Val Vacant
Treasurer 10 Robyn Vacant
Secretary 10 Glenda Vacant
Assistant Secretary 4 Neil Vacant
Ordinary Members 4 Helen
List of Administration positions and current holders