Important Information: Newsletter No 11


No. 11

Special Edition – Term 1 Under COVID-19 (2)






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From the Editor

 The beginning of 2021’s first term is getting very close and we thought about updating the information supplied in our last newsletter.

As not all venues have been confirmed yet, most classes will not start until the week starting on the 8th of February. Any exceptions will be stated in this newsleter.

Some classes and activities will go ahead in their previous venues with some restrictions as outlined in the previous newsletter, others will be delivered via Zoom, some will happen in parks or private homes and others will not start in the first term.

 Bear in mind that the pandemic situation is very fluid, and things could change at any time. If that happens, we will keep you informed.

 Due to the urgency to get out this issue I did not ask for contributions from our members, but I am including one sent by Jim O’Flaherty last year, for which we didn’t have room.

Constructive criticism, suggestions and contributions are always welcome, so start sending them for our next issue. Remember that contributions can be on any subject (except politics and religion).

U3A Brimbank News

 Classes and Activities Held in Their Usual Venues

The following is the list of these classes:

  • Computers Combined Levels
  • Art for Fun (This class will be conducted by Emil Kosmina until Raewyn is able to return, possibly starting on 15/2; wait for confirmation)
  • Line Dancing Level 4 Inter & Clog
  • Movie Club
  • Line Dancing Level 1 Raw Beginners
  • Line Dancing Level 2 Beginners/Improver
  • Bike Riding
  • Line Dancing Level 3 Easy Intermediate
  • Line Dancing Level 2 Beginner
  • Zumba/Ball

Waiting for Confirmation

We are still waiting on confirmation for the following classes:

  • English as an Additional Language
  • Computer Systems
  • Craft Class
  • French Level 2 Beginners
  • Tai Chi 24 Form
  • Tai Chi for Health

We are expecting a prompt confirmation from the venues and once this occurs, we will let you know.

Classes Held in the Park

 Weather permitting the following will be held in the park at Keilor Village:

  • Yang Style Tai Chi Level 1 Beginners
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Level 2 Intermediate

When the weather does not allow to hold these activities in the park, the classes will be conducted via Zoom. In those cases, the tutor will not be able to admit late-comers into the class. Punctuality is essential.

Classes and Activities To Be Held in Private Homes

.   Spanish Level 2 Intermediate

  • Scrabble (starting on 2/2)

Classes and Activities To Be Conducted Via Zoom

  • Book Group
  • Spanish Level 1 Beginners (starting on 4/2)
  • Spanish Level 2 Beginners (starting on 4/2)
  • Hollywood and Beyond
  • 100 Moments in Australian History (starting on 19/2)
  • Mah-Jong. Negotiations are under way with U3A Melbourne City to participate in their group which is conducted via Zoom. People enrolled in this activity will be informed when negotiations are finalised. There is a chance that another group will be formed for people who are unable to use Zoom.

New Venues To Be Confirmed

The following activities will take place in new venues that haven’t been confirmed yet:

  • Spanish Speaking Morning Coffee
  • Seniors Lunch (Monthly)
  • Cards
  • Armchair Travel

Activities Suspended for Term 1 

  • Yoga
  • Exercise for the Young at Heart
  • Android Phones & Tablets by Appointment

These activities may start in the 2nd term. The two exercise classes are dependent on restrictions changing, as it is considered that they are not appropriate to be conducted wearing masks.

Computer Classes with Michael Sammut

The two classes conducted by Michael last year were delivered via Zoom. This year, Michael decided to conduct the first two classes face to face, to teach people without prior experience, how to use Zoom on their own devices, for them to be able to participate in the rest of the classes.

These classes are:

  • Microsoft Computer Class
  • Apple iPad / iPhone Class

Venue and time for the first 2 classes to be advised.

People attending these classes must bring their own device.

New Spanish Class

A new intensive course for raw beginners of Spanish will be offered in the second term of 2021.

Once students complete the one-term intensive course, they will be able to join the Beginners 1 Spanish class.


 For the time being these classes will continue as last year, that is: the tutors will set exercises for the group to do at home and communication will be via email.

Negotiations with U3A Melbourne City


As mentioned above, negotiations are being conducted with this sister organization and there is a chance that we will be able to attend their other Zoom classes if they have vacancies.


More Barnyard Stories

By Jim O’Flaherty

The Tale of Tiny, a small Ram with a big heart and a larger ego.

On a hot Xmas day an ewe was confronted with the consequences of a dalliance that took place one cold winter evening 5 months previously with Warrick the Second and isolated herself by the creek to give birth to her lambs.

She was of a size that suggested multiple births and sure enough out they popped, lamb one and lamb 2. After a little time though out popped a tiny wizened ragged little thing that resembled a white rabbit rather than a newborn lamb.

Hello, Hello I said (farmer talk for oh, crap)  .

Triplets are uncommon and usually spell trouble with smart foxes and a big drain on mother ewe. Still, I presented the third triplet to Mother who turned to me as if to say

“What’s  that ? Doesn’t belong to me. Leave me alone with my twin lambs you insensitive man.”

Now those readers who know me are aware that my wife has often described me using similar phraseology, but I was stung by Mother Ewe who had no reason for insulting me and I was moved to demonstrate my better qualities by caring for the helpless little bundle.

I raced into the local produce merchant and purchased a Feeder Bottle and nipples  and colostrum fluid and a litre of gold-plated milk replacement powder. Total cost? $124. (the price of a full-grown sheep then)

Well, I thought, that will prove to Mother Ewe that I am the bigger man. Dear me has my foolishness no bounds? Back at the farm I read the directions which seemed to stipulate that I was required to feed this animal at four-hour intervals for the next week and then at 6-hour intervals for the next two weeks.

Without boring you further dear readers the tiny ram (named Tiny) now weighs more than me and regularly eats himself into a coma before staggering back to Mother ewe. Who, by the way treats me with indulgent patronage and who appears not the least bit grateful for my unstinting effort?

Worst thing of course since we named Tiny is that I can’t sell him or eat him, and he follows me around the paddock butting me until he finds some treats that I keep in my back pocket.

It’s tough being a farmer.

An update on Henry (my gender dysphoric chicken). Henry has passed and is now buried beneath our lemon tree. Vale Hen

Trivia Quiz

We are starting a new section of puzzles and quizzes for the membership enjoyment.

Today we have a history quiz. Try to answer the questions without resorting to Google.

Answers in our next issue.

  1. Who was Russia’s “Mad Monk”?
  2. The tradition of the Eisteddfod dates back to at least the 12th century in which country?
  3. What event occurred in England on Christmas Day 1066?
  4. Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered by Howard who?
  5. According to legend, which great city was funded in 753 B.C.?
  6. In what state was the Ku Klux Klan formed in 1865?
  7. Which British military hero was known as the “Achilles of England”?
  8. An early taxicab was known as the “what cab”?
  9. What name was given to the sudden influx of prospectors to California in the 1840’s?

Good luck!

Serious Fun for Seniors