Important Information: Newsletter No 10


 No. 10

Special Edition – Term 1 Under COVID-19





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From the Editor

 We are very happy that 2020 is over and we wish U3A membership a wonderful 2021.

The purpose of this special newsletter is to inform you of the latest developments with regards to classes in this new year.

The following text contains very important information; please read them very carefully.

 Bear in mind that the pandemic situation is very fluid, and things could change at any time. If that happens, we will keep you informed.

 Regardless of your beliefs, it is essential that everybody follow the rules set out below. We have a duty of care towards our fellow members.


Classes Resume for the First Term of 2021

The good news is that most of our venues have informed us that they will be open for business for the new year.

As you are certainly aware, things can’t be the same as in the past. The opening of the Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses is under strict conditions as set out by the State Government and Councils.

Before giving you a brief outline of what those conditions are, we would like to point out three things:

1st      That it is up to each tutor to decide if they wish to resume classes/activities under those conditions,

2nd     the conditions may change as the COVID-19 situation varies and

3rd     some tutors may decide to continue carrying out their classes in the open air (in which case the restrictions are different and are as set out by the Government) or via Zoom. Other groups may want to try Zoom classes. Support will be offered if needed.

Those conditions are the following:

♠        Due to social distancing requirements, the number of participants for each venue is limited.

♠       The previous point means that activities that attract a large number of participants may need to split into 2, and in that case instead of having a weekly class, each participant will attend fortnightly.

♠       All frequently touched surfaces in the hired space have to be cleaned and disinfected before the beginning and after the end of the activity. Cleaning should always precede disinfection, as otherwise disinfection is not effective.

♠       The above condition will be the responsibility of the tutor, who may delegate it to a member of the group. The delegated person will become responsible for the whole duration of the activity (one off, term, year, etc.).

♠       A record has to be kept of the date and all times that cleaning and disinfecting has taken place within the facility. The log sheet (provided by the council) must remain in the facility at all times for the Environmental Health Officer to inspect. This requirement will also be the responsibility of the tutor or the delegated person.

♠       All participants will have to wear masks properly (covering mouth and nose) while inside the venue.

♠       A log of all participants attending the activity has to be kept and emailed to Community Facilities within 48 hours of the use of the facility. The log is very important because if someone becomes infected at the venue, all participants can be contacted.

♠       In the case of Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House all participants have to sign into the centre using the QR electronic registration system. People who are unable to register electronically may use the sign-in sheet.

♠       Participants have to use their own mugs and water bottles and take them with them when leaving.

♠       The kitchens are only to be used only for making tea or coffee and only one person at a time is allowed.

♠       Another important condition that should be adhered to always, not only during pandemics, is that if the participant is unwell, she/he should not attend the activity.

Happy learning!