100 Moments in Australian History

Did you know about…

The massacre of approximately 30 Wirrayaraay people at Myall Creek on 10 June 1838, the subsequent court case, and the hanging of seven settlers for their role in the massacre?

And did you know…

That these facts were pivotal in the future development of the relationship between settlers and Aboriginal people?

This was the FIRST and ONLY time the colonial administration intervened to ensure the laws of the colony were applied equally to Aboriginal people and settlers and the FIRST time Europeans were executed for the massacre of Aboriginal people.
Professor Ryan, a Historian, has already documented 250 massacres, and estimates 6000 Aboriginal people were killed . (Expects to eventually document up to 500).
Less than 100 Europeans were killed by the Aboriginal people in that time.
In 1788, it’s estimated there were 750,000 Aboriginals.
In 1920, it’s estimated 60,000 Aboriginals.
In 2018, it’s estimated there are 761,300 who identify as Aboriginal – 3% of the population.
This was the subject of our last discussion.
Next discussion on 16th August at Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House starting at 10.00 am is: 1802-1803 Matthew Flinders circumnavigates Australia.







An illustration of the Myall Creek massacre made 40 years after the fact.

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