Hollywood and Beyond

October 2023

On A Clear Day

On Wednesday 18th of October at 1:30 pm we will screen this film at the meeting room, Watergardens Management Centre’s office, next to Specsavers shop.

ON A CLEAR DAY is a 2005  British production written by Alex Rose and directed by Gaby Dellal. This wee Scottish film is full to overflowing with heart and fine performances.

After losing his job at a Glasgow shipyard, 50-year-old Frank (Peter Mullan) has few prospects and little hope. A casual remark by a buddy (Billy Boyd) inspires him to find a new purpose: to swim the English Channel. Accompanied by his closest friends, Frank sets forth on a training regimen that will help him achieve his goal.

General Information About the Program

“Hollywood and Beyond” meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the meeting room of the Centre Management office, Watergardens Shopping Centre, next to Specsavers shop, to watch films that might not be available on mainstream platforms. At the end of the screening, participants discuss in a friendly atmosphere, the film just seen, while having a cuppa.

2023 Dates

February 15, March 15, May 17, June 21, August 16, October 18, November 15