Hollywood and Beyond

August 2021

All Three of Us

On the 19th of August is our next session. If we are allowed, we’ll watch this title that was cancelled in July. It will happen at 1 pm at Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House, 61A Selwyn St, Sunshine. If that is not going to be possible, we will have a Zoom session instead at 2 pm and you will be advised of the title to watch and of the link to join the meeting.

“All Three of Us” is a 2015 comedy-drama written, directed and starring Kheiron in his directorial debut. The film received several awards and nominations.

Kheiron plays the role of his father, Hibat Tabib, born in Iran, convicted for his political opinions under the Shah. Continuing to fight for democracy with his young wife Fereshteh under Iran new repressive regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini, they will finally leave their country with their son for security reasons to live in France.


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