2021 U3A Brimbank Survey

A Survey of the membership was conducted to find out if people were happy with our current offerings and what other subjects people would like the U3A to offer.

59 out of 232 current active U3A members responded and the following is a summary of their responses.  

1)      Most people are happy with what they are currently doing, i.e. Armchair travel, Australian history, Bike rides, Books, Cards and Mah-jong, Computers, Craft and Art, English, French, Hollywood and beyond, Line dancing, Movies, Photoshop, Scrabble, Spanish, Tai Chi, Walking, Yoga, Zumba.

2)      Some people would like other challenges, i.e. Ballroom dancing, Cake decorating, Circle Dancing, Golf, Italian, Jewellery making, Knitting, Meditation, Mosaics, Music, Patchwork quilting, Scrapbooking, Water aerobics, Writing short stories, Zoom and Facebook .

3)      There are thirteen (13) extra U3A Brimbank members that would volunteer to share their knowledge with others to cover some of the new interests and challenges.

Click on the link below if you wish to see all responses.

U3A Survey Replies 2021 09 13